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Enhancing marketing strategies with Virtual PBX

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In the competitive landscape, modern businesses grapple with rising communication costs to connect with their audience. To stay competitive, organizations need innovative strategies. This discussion focuses on how contemporary virtual PBX systems offer marketing solutions. We’ll explore the advantages of cloud-based call center solutions, assess the role of outsourcing contact centers in marketing, and investigate the technologies used for marketing research at the outsourcing call center Global Bilgi.

Let’s start by understanding what a virtual PBX is.

Defining virtual PBX

A Virtual Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a call processing system that operates through the Internet. It delivers the features of a traditional automated telephone system without the need for physical equipment installation.

For a comprehensive insight into virtual or cloud PBX, we recommend reading our detailed guide on the subject.

Improving marketing performance with virtual PBX

A virtual PBX goes beyond being a mere phone system, it serves as a powerful marketing tool. Leveraging its capabilities can elevate the efficiency of both your marketing and sales departments. Here, we provide an overview of the key features of a virtual PBX that contribute to this enhancement.

Virtual PBX for cost savings

A virtual PBX minimizes marketing costs through streamlined call processing, enhanced customer experiences, personalized customer approaches, and precise analytics. These elements collectively enhance marketing strategies, minimizing resource wastage and maximizing return on marketing investments.

Virtual PBX helps to build customer trust

Statistics indicate that individuals are more likely to respond to calls originating from “local” numbers within their residential or work regions. A virtual PBX enables the utilization of virtual numbers for outbound calls. Essentially, when executing an advertising campaign or conducting marketing research in any geographical area, you can leverage “local” numbers. This strategy boosts the response rate to calls, thereby amplifying the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Virtual PBX Enhances Customer Engagement through feedback

Building on the previous benefit, virtual PBX systems enable the setup of toll-free inbound calls for customers with numbers starting at 0800. When introducing a new product or service, companies feature a toll-free hotline number in their ads, allowing customers to reach out as needed. With the assurance of no call charges, customers are more inclined to share feedback and provide valuable data for refining or advancing the product or service.

Virtual PBX is great for computerized telephone surveys

Integrating virtual or cloud-based PBX with modern Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems enhances the quality of Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI). This system automates the entire process, including handling respondent lists (prepared in advance or randomly generated from the phone database), swiftly dialing phone numbers, documenting call outcomes, and completing questionnaires.

Using virtual PBX for large-scale CATI surveys proves exceptionally effective. Time-saving measures, streamlined data processing, and organization all contribute to significant cost savings in research budgets.

A virtual PBX provides call statistics for analyzing advertising campaigns

The use of virtual cloud platforms for call centers enables detailed call statistics, including:

  • Number of calls;
  • Average or total duration of all conversations;
  • Waiting time for a response;
  • Number of missed calls;
  • Statistics from advertising channels and other parameters.

These data can be used to assess the overall effectiveness of marketing and monitor the performance of each call center operator. With this information, necessary adjustments can be made to advertising campaigns, improving their effectiveness.

A virtual PBX is an enhancement for outbound call efficiency

If you use a virtual PBX or cloud platform for a call center primarily for outbound calls, it is beneficial to leverage auto-dialing systems, significantly boosting the productivity of outbound calls. For example, as part of the Sirius cloud platform for call centers, there is an integrated Power Dialer auto-dialing service – software designed for efficient auto-dialing.

Power Dialer can be employed to achieve various marketing goals, including:

  • Telemarketing campaigns;
  • Customer notifications;
  • Sociological and marketing research;
  • Data verification and confirmation, and more.

Outbound call center services through a virtual PBX using auto-dialing programs can be conducted with or without the involvement of agents (for instance, calls to customers using outbound Interactive Voice Response or IVR). Since client lists can include tens of thousands of contacts, auto-dialing systems for call centers are widely used today.

A virtual PBX contributes to cross-selling and repeat purchases

It’s widely acknowledged that customers are more inclined to make repeat purchases and service orders when dealing with familiar managers. The functionality of a Virtual PBX enables the connection of customers with agents they’ve interacted with before. Company staff, being acquainted with the customer, their interests, and needs, can effectively promote additional services or options. Integration with CRM systems ensures that the customer’s profile, containing current information, is displayed on the manager’s desktop during each interaction.

This is not an exhaustive list of the benefits and capabilities of modern Virtual PBX and cloud services for call centers in improving the efficiency of the marketing department.

The role of outsourced call centers in marketing strategy

The demand for call center outsourcing services is on the rise due to the expanding target audiences for telemarketing in all its forms and the growing need for representative social and marketing research. Modern call center software, combined with virtual PBX services and IP telephony technology, provides a robust tool for the marketing departments of companies of any size.

Outsourcing business process services, including marketing research, is gaining popularity among companies aiming to maximize their income by improving the effectiveness of substantial investments in advertising campaigns.

Choosing an experienced business process outsourcing partner for these services opens up additional opportunities for companies to increase profits and explore economically efficient alternatives. By partnering with Global Bilgi, your company can not only optimize customer service but also enjoy cost savings, improved customer service, and enhanced efficiency in marketing campaigns.

Technology for conducting marketing research at Global Bilgi outsourced call center

Drawing on our experience and the capabilities of our cloud-based call center platform, we provide proficient outsourcing services for marketing and social research.

When conducting marketing research through our call center, you not only significantly reduce the survey timeframe but also ensure feedback. Here are the key stages of the technology our specialists follow during marketing research at the Global Bilgi call center:

  • Define the survey goal.
  • Determine the tasks to be addressed after obtaining the survey results.
  • Study the specifics of your company’s operations.
  • Develop the survey questionnaire based on product and target audience data.
  • Select agents, giving preference to those with experience in your industry.
  • Provide training and familiarize agents with the specifics of your project.
  • Start calling respondents and survey them according to the developed script.
  • Analyze the collected information and prepare a report with the results of the marketing research.

This approach enables the swift execution of market research, assessment of its state, identification of target audience characteristics, data gathering for product or service satisfaction (CSI research), determination of the Net Promoter Score (NPS index), and obtaining data for the development of highly effective marketing and advertising campaigns.

Outsourced call center services for your marketing department

If you need to swiftly execute a marketing campaign, study a competitor’s activities, choose the right competitive strategy, conduct reputation and customer satisfaction research for your company, and determine market positioning tools and methods – reach out to us. With the capabilities of the fully integrated Sirius cloud-based enterprise call center platform and CRM system, our company offers all available solutions to help you streamline the above-mentioned processes.

We understand the importance of providing the highest level of customer service, and our outsourced contact center system is designed to assist you in achieving this. From improving customer satisfaction to better customer retention, our platform will help you optimize your market research and customer service processes for business success.



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