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Internal Recruitment: Best Practices for Finding Talent

Internal Recruitment

HR professionals understand: the future has already begun. Among the main trends in personnel work, which shape the current moment and determine new vectors, HR experts single out: the rapid development of technologies, significant demographic changes, and deepening globalization. These tendencies have an influence on HR technics and developing practices like internal recruitment.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on business have powerfully pushed companies in many directions and forced them to implement new approaches in recruiting and HR. Internal recruitment and development of career trajectories of employees within the company are no exception.

Internal Recruitment at Global Bilgi

Global Bilgi HR team actively follows trends in the Ukrainian market: we know that some companies are already partly working in a new way and widely use internal recruitment in their own recruiting system, some are in the process of implementing innovations, and some are still thinking about the place of internal recruitment in HR strategy.

We can say with confidence that investing in internal recruitment is important because during the 10 years of existence of the strategy of finding and developing talents within the company at Global Bilgi, we managed to:

  • Significantly motivate employees with real examples of career growth;
  • Reduce the costs of searching for personnel and the burden on recruiters;
  • Accelerate adaptation of employees in new positions;
  • Reduce staff turnover and the employee turnover rate;
  • Develop professionals with the best skills in the industry.

From our experience of managing a team of more than 800 colleagues, we can say for sure: almost every employee thinks about building a career within the company.

However, most line employees simply do not know how to develop and look for opportunities in the company. Formalized stories about career growth very often give exactly the opposite results for management. Note that it is extremely important to support and promote internal recruitment and development of employees at the level of the corporate culture.

How to Create an Internal Recruitment System?

Anyone interested in implementing an employee development system in a medium-sized or large business should consider: does your company have a clear strategy for promoting internal candidates and are all its procedures and processes spelled out? – The overall success of the entire initiative will depend on this.

Also, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Does your company have a modern career portal?
  • Are vacancies broadcast to all interested employees in a high-quality manner?
  • Is there an HR specialist, who can provide information about available career opportunities in a qualified and informal manner?
  • Can the head of the department thoroughly explain the opportunities in the company?

Remember that the practice of career counseling for employees within companies is rapidly developing today. We have such a successful case at Global Bilgi – it allows us to successfully close 72% of the vacancies of an outsourced contact center at the Support level precisely through internal hiring.

Our team is always ready to help improve the already existing and build a system of personnel development and internal recruitment for your company. Fill out the form on the Contact page to learn more about our recruitment back office outsourcing services!

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