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Caring of Employees and the Corporate Well-Being Program

Caring of Employees

We all know very well that it is necessary to monitor our health, especially now – during the COVID-19 pandemic! It is very important to maintain clarity of thinking, optimism and take care of your own physical and psychological health.

That is why in 2021, we implemented the corporate Well-being program to improve the well-being of all Company employees.

The goal of this program is to create conditions that support the physical and mental health of outsourcing contact center operators and management at all levels, as well as provide various tools to maintain energy, good mood and build a career.

We started Well-being in order for each of our employees to enjoy what they do every day, have good relationships with the environment, stable financial situation and good health.

Global Bilgi Well-Being Program

The Well-being program lasted five months, and each of them was dedicated to a separate area of life. Namely, physical health, mental health, as well as social, professional and financial well-being.

Physical Health of Employees

The first month, when the Well-being corporate program was implemented in our company – July, was dedicated to physical health. Together with the experts, the team of the Global Bilgi contact center held webinars, watched video lessons, performed exercises and received answers to questions from experts not only in the webinars, but also in the Telegram chat, which was created in order to be constantly in touch with professionals. We also held contests and raffled off prizes!

Physical Health Well-Being

The four weeks of physical health were divided into several topics:

  • “How to combine work and health?”;
  • “Chips of healthy movement!”;
  • “Food and fashion – summer delight!”;
  • “How to work effectively at the computer while sitting, standing, moving?”.

During the month devoted to the field of physical health, our company together with partners answered several important questions, namely:

  1. How to keep yourself in the resource all day?
  2. How to eat to be cheerful and confident?
  3. How to train for harmonious physical development?
  4. Can good habits become easy and enjoyable?

The second month – August, revealed another sphere of life for colleagues.

The Importance of Social Welfare

Socail Well-Being

Social well-being helped the Company’s employees to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of self-discovery and development and learn useful information for themselves.

In two weeks, experts talked about how to build harmonious relationships with colleagues, parents, children and in personal life, as well as how to develop proper communication skills, form social ties and openness.

September, according to the Well-being program, we dedicated to mental health

Mental health

Experts told us and our employees how to learn to monitor your emotions and regulate your state, recognize stress and learn to cope with it, as well as know yourself. Also, professionals helped to learn more about themselves and taught to practice mindfulness meditation at online meetings.

Professional Welfare

Choosing a profession is a very important stage in every person’s life. After all, in order for work to bring pleasure, choosing a profession must be approached with great responsibility!

Professinal Well-Being

Therefore, in October, we decided to devote time to professional well-being. Our Company’s expert helped colleagues understand why the professional sphere affects all spheres of life, which professions might suit them and in which direction they should develop. And also considered a few more topics, namely:

  • how to prepare for an interview;
  • what skills are required for the position you wish to occupy;
  • what archetypes are and how they help.

Financial Well-Being

And the last area that we considered within the framework of the corporate Well-being program was financial well-being.

Financial Well-Being

In November, employees of the Global Bilgi Company were able to learn:

  • what financial behavior depends on, what affects one’s own financial decisions and how to make them;
  • what is a personal budget, how to better form a personal budget and how it can be improved;
  • about the main approaches to managing personal finances: what to do with debt and how not to get into credit addiction, how to plan your own income and how to invest;
  • how to set personal financial goals and how to make a personal financial plan.


During these five months, a variety of events were held: webinars, workshops, contests, challenges, marathons, personal consultations with experts and practical advice.

The Well-being corporate program enabled the employees of the Global Bilgi Company to fully pump up all spheres of life and to realize that an approach to personal well-being is the key to realizing one’s dreams and getting satisfaction from activities and life in general!

Colleagues received a lot of insights and motivation thanks to a set of webinars and online meetings. Also, for colleagues who could not personally attend and talk with the experts, we saved all the videos for viewing. Therefore, employees can view them at any time and learn something new and interesting for themselves.

You can view video recordings of the Well-being program webinars on our YouTube channel at the link https://www.youtube.com/GlobalBilgiUA. Don’t forget to subscribe and like.

Having slightly changed the format of the Well-being program, thanks to the feedback received from employees and the experience of last year, we will, of course, not stop and in 2022 we will continue to pump up our health and well-being.

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