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Cloud PBX (hosted PBX, virtual PBX) for call centers

cloud pbx

To avoid confusion, we should first define what a “virtual telephone system” is.

A virtual private branch exchange (PBX) is a private automatic telephone system that enables communication via VoIP telephony. When we talk about a “virtual private branch exchange”, we usually mean telephony software that can be installed on a server in the cloud environment on the operator’s hosting. This is why the virtual telephone system is sometimes also referred to as “hosted” or “cloud”.

Is there a difference between a virtual telephone system, a cloud telephone system and a hosted telephone system?

In most cases, these concepts are identical, as all three:

  • all three provide communication services within an organization, including phone calls, call forwarding, voicemail and other related features;
  • all three services are delivered over the network, providing remote access and the flexibility of scalability depending on the needs of the organization;
  • all three services help eliminate the need to install and maintain physical call center equipment on site, which can be more convenient and cost-effective.

One difference worth mentioning is that cloud PBX and hosting PBX usually mean that the system is located in remote data centers, while a virtual PBX can include local installations.

Cloud PBX: how does it work? and advantages of cloud PBX for call centers

Because a cloud PBX is managed entirely off-site, there is no need to invest in software, equipment and daily maintenance. The cost of implementing a cloud PBX is minimal as the service is delivered via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

These are just some of the reasons why companies are increasingly turning to cloud PBX providers in their search for an affordable and efficient business telephony solution. We look at other benefits of cloud PBX in more detail below. But first, let’s find out how cloud PBX works.

Cloud-based telephone system: How does it work?

A cloud-based telephone system works on remote servers that store and process all the call center’s information. The process works as follows:

  • The user connects to the cloud from their workstation with network access via the internet.
  • The call is made via a normal telephone or a software IP client (webphone, softphone) that is connected to the Internet.
  • The call signals are transmitted to the servers of the cloud-based telephone system via the Internet service provider.
  • The servers of the cloud-based telephone system process the signals and determine which telephone line should be used to establish the connection.
  • The connection between the subscribers is established and they can start their call.

If your call center is operated via a cloud-based telephone system, this means that you rent one or more direct numbers that customers can call. The cloud-based telephone system forwards all calls to your agents’ numbers. So if the call center uses a cloud-based telephone system, no call is lost.

Now that we’ve explained how a cloud-based PBX works, let’s delve into the key advantages of using this solution in call centers.

Cloud PBX for call centers is cost-effective solution

Choosing a cloud PBX for your call center can significantly cut down on the expenses associated with the installation and maintenance of a traditional telephone system. You won’t have to invest in costly equipment or bear the burden of its maintenance. Instead, you pay only for the cloud PBX services you use, tailored to your specific needs. Furthermore, you can reduce expenses related to telephone lines and long-distance calls, as cloud PBX leverages IP telephony, providing more favorable rates.

Enhanced flexibility with cloud PBX in call centers

Cloud PBX offers considerable flexibility in various dimensions when applied to call centers:

  • Geographical Flexibility: Manage your call center effortlessly from any location with internet access, thanks to the capabilities of cloud PBX.
  • Diverse Communication Methods: Cloud PBX extends beyond voice calls, offering functionalities for chats, email, and social media interactions. This enables your operators to engage with clients through their preferred communication channels, elevating service convenience and customer satisfaction.
  • Feature Expansion: In a cloud environment, updates and the introduction of new features are seamlessly handled by the cloud service provider, requiring no adjustments on the user’s end.
  • Adaptable Resource Usage: Easily tailor resources like bandwidth and data storage to your company’s current needs, preventing unnecessary expenditures.

Cloud PBX for call centers: streamlined scalability

Cloud-based PBX solutions effortlessly adjust to the number of users and call volume, allowing companies to smoothly accommodate business expansion or changing conditions.

You can modify the number of operators and increase the quantity of phone lines based on fluctuations in workload. This is particularly crucial for companies facing seasonal peaks in call center activity.

Ensuring omnichannel capabilities with cloud PBX in call centers

Cloud PBX doesn’t solely offer functionality for voice calls; it extends to diverse communication channels, including chat, email, and social media. This empowers call center agents to engage with clients through their preferred communication channels, enhancing service convenience and customer satisfaction.

Enhanced functionality with cloud PBX adoption in call centers

Implementing cloud PBX enables the utilization of a broad range of features, significantly enhancing call center efficiency. These features encompass Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Interactive Visual IVR systems, call recording and monitoring, call analytics, and integration with CRM and other software for superior customer service.

Seamless integration with call center software

Cloud PBX typically supports integration with other cloud services and programs, ensuring a coherent and harmonious business infrastructure. Concerning customer service, cloud PBX effortlessly integrates with call center software such as CRM, HelpDesk, web chats, email, and task management systems.

Unified system creation with cloud PBX for call centers

Cloud PBX facilitates the establishment of a unified system for call center operations, where all customer data is centralized and accessible to all call center employees. This allows for call center automation and heightened efficiency. For instance, the system can automatically match customer identifiers with CRM data, enabling operators to access customer information directly during a call.

Reliability of cloud-based PBX for call centers

Another notable advantage that cloud PBX offers your business is increased reliability and security. Customer service continuity is ensured, as cloud service providers maintain backup servers and equipment for data backup and disaster recovery. If, for any reason, your business faces a physical outage, whether due to technological malfunctions or natural disasters, you can trust that your phone system will continue to operate seamlessly.

Cloud call center software by Global Bilgi

Moving a call center to a cloud-based PBX offers not only enhanced flexibility and availability but also requires efficient software and tailored solutions for seamless operations.

Integrating cloud PBX software into a call center provides substantial benefits, including heightened efficiency, improved service quality, and enhanced resource management. However, selecting the right solutions and integrating them into business processes demands a meticulous approach and a deep understanding of the company’s needs.

Drawing on our expertise in contact center outsourcing and customer experience management, we’ve developed a comprehensive solution for a cloud-based contact center with corporate capabilities suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Sirius cloud call center platform: unmatched customer experience!

The Sirius – cloud contact center software – is crafted to manage a large volume of contacts from various channels using automated call distribution and IVR technology. This empowers agents and managers to operate with maximum efficiency, leveraging built-in CRM and a user-friendly single-page interface. Your clients receive impeccable service, while your business benefits from analytical capabilities and system flexibility.

Maximize call center metrics with software from Global Bilgi

Global Bilgi’s call center software aids in organizing an efficient multichannel contact center with IP telephony, web chat, messengers, social media integration, and outbound calls facilitated by cloud power dialer software. It facilitates the creation of intricate IVR trees and provides detailed real-time analytics through a single web interface.

We’ve established a robust infrastructure tailored for achieving various goals: smart IVR menu for distributing and processing inbound calls, handling web chats and emails in one system, real-time detailed statistics on 169 performance indicators, digital service quality control with AQoS software, WFM for the contact center, and more.

Cloud PBX for call centers: conclusions

As per the report “Analysis of the Size and Market Share of Contact Center Software: Trends and Forecasts 2024-2029” by consulting company Mordor Intelligence, 37% of contact center and call center service providers plan to transition to cloud solutions in the next three years.

The benefits of cloud PBX for call centers significantly enhance efficiency, flexibility, and customer service. Investing in modern software for cloud call centers, including intelligent voice services and mobile solutions, equips companies with key tools for successful management and development.

Now is the time to invest in enhancing your call center infrastructure. Optimizing cloud call centers through specialized software not only boosts productivity but also ensures a reliable foundation for effective customer interaction.

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