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What is call center automation?

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Leading companies in the industry consider call center automation as the primary transformative force that will impact the call center services market in 2024. That’s why we decided to explore the key aspects of contact and call center automation and discuss the software that will bring revolutionary changes to customer service.

Definition of what is call center automation

In a broad sense, call center automation is the implementation and use of software or technologies to perform routine, labor-intensive tasks and processes in a call center, eliminating or significantly reducing the need for human intervention.

In simpler terms, call center automation involves using technological tools and software solutions to automate various aspects of a customer service center’s work, from staff recruitment to report generation.

What are the main goals of call center automation?

1. Increase efficiency and productivity

Automation of certain tasks in the call center can help agents work more efficiently and handle more calls in a short amount of time. This frees up resources and enhances the overall productivity of the call center. It can lead to improved customer service levels and increased company profits.

2. Reduce errors in agent work

Automation tools increase the speed and accuracy of information provided to customers. This is because automated CRM systems can store and segment data, providing customers with the necessary information accurately when needed.

3. Cost reduction

Automating repetitive tasks, such as outbound calls, research, and customer card updates, can save agents a lot of time. Using automated workflow processes to perform more routine and repetitive tasks allows call centers to save significant amounts of money.

Furthermore, call center automation helps reduce operational costs. This is because automation tools can handle more calls with fewer agents, leading to reduced labor costs.

4. Enhance customer experience

Since most customers state that long wait times are one of the most unpleasant aspects of call center work, creating a self-service model is undoubtedly a time necessity. Call center automation and the implementation of modern call routing tools and interactive IVR menus address this issue.

Understanding that exceptional customer service quality is a key differentiator in the modern competitive market, it is expected that the focus on automation in contact centers will become a noticeable trend in 2024.

Software for call center automation from Global Bilgi

Drawing on our experience in outsourcing contact centers and managing customer experience, we have developed a comprehensive cloud contact center solution called Sirius with corporate capabilities for automating call centers of any scale. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the main tools included in the platform.

Automated call distribution (ACD) and IVR system

The automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu system plays personalized greetings and provides customers with self-service options, which can be navigated through speech-to-text conversion or tone dialing.

The built-in Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system intelligently routes calls based on data obtained in the IVR. This way, all inquiries to the call center are automatically directed to the most relevant agents.

Single-page web application GBWebphone

This is every agent’s dream. The ability to change status, receive and make calls, work with chats, and get pop-up prompts from the built-in database. A single-page web application with WebRTC technology for fast and reliable voice delivery. No need to install plugins or add-ons. Supports up to 6 communication lines, conference calls, and SMS sending. Agent call center automation has never been so comfortable!

GBWebchat: online chat for call center

Call center automation includes a smooth transition between channels, as more than 73% of customers use various channels when interacting with businesses. GBWebchat allows agents to handle online chats from web pages in the same queue as phone calls.

Add to this integration with popular messengers (Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, BiP) and the ability to connect chatbots, and you get the perfect tool for omnichannel automation in the call center!

GBPowerDialer: Outbound Call Automation in the Call Center

GBPowerDialer is a specialized program designed to automate outbound calls from a contact database based on predefined scripts. As an integral component of the Sirius cloud contact center, this autodialer allows for efficient management of outbound campaigns. It captures comprehensive data on all aspects of the process, including channels, calls, agents, and groups, utilizing configurations set by the administrator.

The automation of the call center, especially in managing outbound calls, plays a crucial role in accomplishing various business objectives, such as:

  • Conducting telemarketing campaigns,
  • Sending customer notifications,
  • Verifying and confirming data, among other tasks.

These activities can involve the active participation of agents or be executed autonomously (e.g., reaching out to customers through outbound Interactive Voice Response or IVR). Given that customer lists can be extensive, featuring tens of thousands of contacts, the autodialer proves to be an exceptionally effective tool, resulting in significant time and cost savings for the company.

GBAgentDesktop: CRM system with dialog builder

As part of the Sirius cloud contact center, GBAgentDesktop is an integrated CRM system that provides agents with nearly unlimited capabilities in customer service. Among its key advantages are:

  • Unlimited data collection about contacts,
  • Dynamic call scripts displayed during conversations,
  • Display of the client’s profile during a conversation,
  • Complete history of interactions with the contact,
  • Simple and intuitive call planning and review,
  • Automatic transfer of a scheduled call to another agent when necessary,
  • News ticker for quick important messages and updates.

Working with GB Agent Desktop has a transformative impact on the quality of customer service and influences the key performance indicators of the call center.

Automated collection of statistical data with GBDashboard

Call center automation brings no benefit without the ability to assess data. GBDashboard, part of the Sirius cloud contact center platform, tracks 169 monitored statistical data points to provide a clear understanding of your business:

  • Customized display of statistics for each user;
  • Results of dialing and calls;
  • Calculation and display of expense;.
  • Diagrams for data visualization;
  • Customized thresholds to highlight critical values;
  • Customer actions statistics in IVR;
  • Tracking of various communication channels.

Staying informed about metrics and trends means understanding customer expectations and, therefore, developing a consistent service improvement strategy.

MailQueue: e-mail service automation

Processing and tracking customer emails in a multichannel contact center can be a challenging task. Thanks to the MailQueue email processing automation software from Global Bilgi, working with email will be entirely controlled!

Call center agents can receive an email with a request from the general queue, assign tasks to themselves, and have complete control over the correspondence. Simultaneously, your call center managers will have the ability to monitor every step and contact to ensure no aspect of the work is missed, and no email request is lost.

AQoS: Automated Quality of Service evaluation in the call center

Assurance Quality of Service (AQoS) is call center software created by our specialists for service quality evaluation. The software allows the creation of automated performance indicator systems with all necessary parameters, combining call recordings, web chat or messenger transcripts with agent desktop recordings in the system to provide a detailed overview of agent performance.

With quality assurance automation in the contact center, your team can create and optimize a bonus system for the contact center to stimulate motivation and increase productivity. The evaluation of each agent will be automatically added to the report and then calculated according to the quota for each specific project.

ShiftSwapper: call center workforce management automation

In call centers, there are dozens or even hundreds of agents, each with their unique skills, personal circumstances, and schedule preferences. Without the automation of call center tasks, the workflow can become chaotic. That’s where ShiftSwapper, a software designed for contact centers, comes in handy. It enables agents to easily exchange shifts and takes away the burden of constant monitoring from managers. Moreover, this software streamlines digital schedule management, providing control at every stage of the process.

Interestingly, many contact centers worldwide still rely on Excel documents for shift planning and management. This traditional approach often necessitates separate group managers or supervisors. The Workforce Management (WFM) ShiftSwapper automation program changes this by allowing agents to swap shifts effortlessly with just two clicks. Importantly, this process doesn’t require managerial intervention and has no impact on key performance indicators (KPIs) and overall performance.

Call center automation with RPA solutions

In addition to Sirius, the cloud contact center platform, engineers at Global Bilgi have developed a cutting-edge solution for business automation based on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology.

RPA call center automation is one of our strategic priorities, and every year, Global Bilgi’s automation programs perform tens of thousands of operations, saving time and resources on handling routine and repetitive tasks.

With call center automation using software bots, you can discover a new, revolutionary approach to your company’s business processes. This technology enables the automation of numerous corporate functions, from back-office tasks to remote IT infrastructure.

Start automating your call center with Global Bilgi!

Now that you’ve gained insights into call center automation and have delved into the innovative software solutions for contact centers provided by Global Bilgi, it’s time to consider initiating the automation process. If you haven’t already embraced automated solutions for contact centers and call center software, you may be overlooking an opportunity to significantly improve customer service.

We strongly believe that every call center should strive to boost operator productivity and attain the highest level of operational efficiency.

Get in touch with us to discover more about omnichannel automation solutions for call centers and how they can align with the specific needs of your business.

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