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Email is a convenient and straightforward way of interacting with clients. It is an established form of business communication with partners, allowing for order confirmations, receiving newsletters, invitations, and more. Contact center Email Management is carried out in real-time, enabling the filtering of spam and the transmission of information only in response to specific inquiries.

If you plan to use email as an additional tool for working with customers, business partners, clients, you will need to process all the emails that come to corporate mailboxes. In this material, you will find all the necessary information on optimizing the contact center for the most effective email processing.

What does contact center email management involve?

Contact center email management is the primary interaction with clients when they reach out to your company via email. Many find this method convenient, especially when sending any attached documents in the initial message. Operators act as the first point of contact between the user and the company. Email processing in the contact center includes the following functions:

Email message filtering

Sorting all emails into specific folders, such as “Spam,” with preservation instead of deletion if needed by the customer, and other folders if the customer has specific sorting preferences (by projects, regular clients, etc.).

Primary processing of emails in the contact center

Operators engage in the initial dialogue with senders, assisting in issue resolution—typically answering questions about product range, availability, warranty commitments, payment terms, and delivery.

Distribution of emails to respective departments or specialists

Redirecting incoming inquiries to departments or company specialists. Often, clients send emails with attached documents, requisites, etc., which require responses but should be handled by specific company employees. Operators simplify the initial message filtering, ensuring that each department or employee receives only the emails intended for them.

Entering requests into the CRM system of the contact center

Contact center email management includes working with orders received via email. Typically, this is how orders from regular corporate clients are processed. Operators enter order data into the CRM system, speeding up the processing of incoming correspondence when dealing with orders.

Additional services through email

During email processing in the contact center, operators may also present new products or services, send promotional and informational materials about the company’s products, announce or remind of ongoing promotions, discounts.

Providing statistics on email processing for the project

At each reporting period or upon customer request, detailed statistics on the contact center operators’ email work are provided.

What problems does contact center email management solve?

Similar to VoIP telephony systems, contact center email management significantly reduces the workload on the company’s own staff. Moreover, modern contact center software addresses various issues that companies face when dealing with email.

Uncertainty about the status of incoming inquiries

Large companies usually have multiple departments and several email addresses. Understandably, clients do not expect an immediate response, but when a specialist from a particular department takes a long time to respond due to workload, or if an email suddenly ends up in spam, it can irritate the client and lead to decreased loyalty.

Contact center email management covers all incoming correspondence to corporate email boxes. All inquiries are filtered based on message themes, after which operators send emails to specific specialists or departments (sales, delivery, customer service, technical support, wholesale sales, etc.) or forward inquiries to a general queue for further processing by available operators.

Long response times during high-load

Statistics show that most email inquiries are typical questions about products and services, working hours and warranties, promotions, availability checks, price requests, and more. If there are many such inquiries, a company employee spends a considerable amount of time responding. Contact center email management significantly speeds up responses to typical inquiries through built-in templates.

The email processing algorithm in the contact center is configured using a convenient graphical script that uses elements and actions similar to IVR. In the system settings, you can specify parameters determining whether inquiries will be processed within a dedicated queue or together with calls, as well as the number of emails an operator can handle simultaneously.

Lack of interaction history with the client across channels

Clients contact businesses through the communication channel convenient for them at a particular moment. If a customer calls with a request like, “Did your orders department receive my email?” they should not have to repeat their data and inquiry details.

The omnichannel capabilities of modern CRM systems for call centers store and synchronize the interaction history with each client across all communication channels. Therefore, by outsourcing email processing to the contact center, you can ensure that your clients receive the best interaction experience.

Lack of centralized reporting

Contact center email management allows for real-time or comprehensive historical reporting. Key reports play a crucial role in assessing and improving the email interaction process. CRM systems for contact centers provide:

  • Reports on response time to emails;
  • Data on the status of email message queues;
  • Reports on employee statuses;
  • First Contact Resolution (FCR) rate;
  • Reports on agent productivity.

Customer satisfaction surveys help evaluate the overall effectiveness of the email inquiry resolution process. Reporting tools empower organizations to precisely adjust their email processing strategies in the contact center, contributing to improved customer interaction and contact center optimization.

MailQueue – a professional solution for Contact Center Email Management

Thanks to the MailQueue email processing automation software from Global Bilgi, you can achieve the best operational KPIs for your contact center! The MailQueue – contact center email management solution is part of our in-house development – the Sirius cloud contact center platform.

MailQueue is used to manage the workflow of agents and managers dealing with email. The service is designed to automate contact center email management with full control over this crucial business activity.

MailQueue Features

Contact center agents or customer support representatives can receive an email with a request from the general incoming queue, assign tasks to themselves, and have complete control over the correspondence. During this time, managers of your contact center will have the ability to monitor each step and contact to ensure no aspect of contact center activity is overlooked. You can combine tickets to customer support by thematic codes and result codes to get the maximum benefit from our service software solution!

Use MailQueue to collect emails from all addresses, regardless of the email service, with the subsequent instant display of incoming inquiries in a single convenient interface. Operators quickly respond to messages, contributing to increased customer loyalty and reducing the number of potential customers who, without receiving answers to their questions, turn to competitors.

All Global Bilgi software products have accessible and comprehensive analytics of customer and contact center agent actions, and the ticketing system MailQueue is no exception. For many contact centers and customer service departments, email management still remains a blind spot when it comes to analytics and reporting. Our contact center software solves this problem! MailQueue can provide advanced analytics of actions and performance for each agent, and contact center managers can assess service quality and ensure the best interaction with customers.

Order a demo of the Sirius platform with integrated MailQueue – contact center email management software, that will allow you to successfully manage email in your contact center.

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