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Contact Center Live Chat: Making the Solution Convenient for Everyone

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Messaging apps are gradually replacing not only email communication but also traditional phone calls. That’s why contact center live chat is not just one of the tools in modern communication but a crucial link in the “customer-business” chain. But how do you integrate live chat in a way that the solution is convenient and effective for both customers and call center employees?

How do you handle inquiries from popular messengers through live chat, and finally, how do you configure the work of chat operators? These are the questions we will address in this material.

Why Do You Need a Contact Center Live Chat?

The fact is, people find it easier to write to you about a product or service. This can be done at any time, without waiting for “business hours” and an available operator. While VoIP in call centers is still the predominant form of communication, the “Text! Don’t Call” trend is becoming the new ethical norm of the era.

Considering that the average user has 3-4 social media accounts and several messenger apps on their smartphone, your contact center live chat should be ready for queries from any channel.

Advantages of Customer Service Live Chats for in Contact Centers

As SaaS-based tools have gained significant popularity due to their speed and enhanced management features, businesses have had to rethink customer support strategies.

Companies have become aware of the growing importance of web chats in customer service.

Let’s explore the advantages of online chat that help overcome existing challenges in contact centers.

Instant Communication and Increased Efficiency

Customers dislike waiting, and customer service through live chat for website ensures quick and immediate communication. Responses to queries can be obtained almost instantly, which is crucial in today’s fast-paced environment.

Service efficiency is enhanced by the ability to engage in simultaneous conversations with multiple clients, increasing productivity.

Analysis of Online Chat Statistics as a Resource-Saving Strategy

Contact Center Live Chat allows for the analysis of communication statistics, evaluating popular queries, and measuring wait times. This enables service optimization and quality improvement.

Statistical data on the workload of each operator helps distribute workloads and optimize resources. By using online chats in contact centers, companies save on agents, as one operator can serve multiple clients simultaneously.

Preservation of Request History for Omnichannel Contact Centers

Contact Center Live Chat retains the communication history with clients, allowing for a deeper analysis of their needs, preferences, and feedback. Moreover, in modern CRM systems, the chat history syncs with the customer’s interaction history across various channels.

We have previously discussed the importance of omnichannel capabilities in CRM for call centers. There is currently no alternative to providing clients with a wide range of channels for communication, making online chat essential for contact centers.

Now let’s delve into the specifics of implementing web chat into the CRM system of a contact center.

Client Service via Live Chat: What to Pay Attention To?

When implementing Contact Center Live Chat it is crucial to consider several essential factors.

Interaction of Contact Center Live Chat with Other Communication Channels

Whether it’s a phone call, online chat from the website, email, or messenger in a social network—no matter which channel the client uses to contact the contact center. If your CRM for the contact center is synchronized with other channels, the client won’t have to reiterate the problem or explain the reason for the inquiry. For the operator, this provides an opportunity to see all information about the client, including:

  • Surname, first name.
  • Address.
  • Contact history.

With this approach, you can not only provide the client with real-time responses but also involve other team members in resolving issues quickly by leveraging their expertise.

Automation of the Online Chat Processing in the Contact Center

Solutions involve the implementation of chatbot systems that can automatically handle up to 80% of text requests. Additionally, the automation of online chats for call centers includes queuing chats (analogous to phone calls) and developing a knowledge base with pre-prepared responses.

Statistics and Reporting on Request Processing in Contact Center Live Chat

It is critically important to identify peak load periods on operators, the number of processed online chats, and redirects, as well as the average response time. It is necessary to monitor overdue web chats for clients (chats that clients often allow to expire) and overdue chats for employees (identifying employees who experience the most delays).

Integration of Live Chat with CRM Contact Center

Clients submit requests through various communication channels, and CRM integration with the website aggregates all inquiries in one window. This window displays requests from messengers, social media, online chats, and other external sources integrated into the contact center platform.

The operator should have the capability to provide 100% customer service through chat: responding to web chat messages directly from CRM, retaining the entire history of inquiries, segmenting clients, conducting mailings, etc.

Ways to Implement a Contact Center Live Chat

A contact center live chat can be implemented by installing a widget directly on the webpage, or by integrating web chat into the contact center platform. In the first case, the chat widget in the form of code is added to each page of your website. In the second, the live chat is embedded into the CRM software code of the call center, and messengers through which clients can submit inquiries are integrated into it.

It is important to note that the Sirius cloud contact center platform from Global Bilgi allows for both options and integrates the most popular messengers (Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, BiP) into live chat. For users accustomed to messaging apps, communication with the contact center remains unchanged in terms of functionality. For contact center operators, this approach allows them to respond to inquiries directly from the CRM interface, transfer chats to other agents, segment clients, store communication history, and send messages.

Live chat integration options for the Sirius cloud contact center platform

Global Bilgi’s Experience in Implementing Online Chats

Global Bilgi, a pioneer in customer service solutions, has elevated the level of interaction through seamless integration of embedded live chats via the innovative Sirius cloud platform for call centers. When creating the platform, the goal was to ensure unprecedented interaction with customers in the era of digital technologies.

Considering global trends for contact center industry, the Sirius platform has become the most advanced tool in online communication. Through embedded live chats, we bridged the gap between customers and support service agents, creating an environment where communication is not only efficient but also omnichannel and deeply personalized.

GBWebchat: Reliable and Flawless Online Chat for Call Centers

One notable feature of Global Bilgi’s approach is the use of advanced capabilities embedded in the GBWebchat platform. Its user-friendly interface, real-time responses, predictive analytics, and easily accessible communication history contribute to smoother and more pleasant interactions with customers. The integrated live chat effortlessly connects to various digital touchpoints, allowing customers to effortlessly connect to support services from popular messengers.

Furthermore, Global Bilgi’s commitment to excellence is evident in our approach to data security and confidentiality. The Sirius platform employs robust encryption methods, safeguarding confidential information exchanged during live chats. This dedication to security enhances overall customer interactions, assuring users that their privacy is a top priority.

Order a demo of the Sirius platform, which will enable the successful implementation of contact center live chat for your business.

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