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What is a call center auto dialer?

call cеnter dialer

An auto dialer is a type of call center software that automatically dials customer numbers and connects calls without needing manual input from operators. Also known as auto-dialing services, these tools are incredibly useful for call centers that focus on making outbound calls.

Let’s dive into a detailed guide on how auto-dialing programs function, their benefits for call centers, and explore GB Power Dialer software – a modern auto-dialing system developed by Global Bilgi.

Why use an auto dialer in a call center?

Before auto dialers, sales agents in departments spent nearly 60% of their time on unproductive tasks like manually dialing numbers, waiting for potential customers to answer, and dealing with “busy” signals. This left them with less than half their working day for core responsibilities such as communicating with potential customers and converting leads.

An auto dialer is a prime example of how automation can enhance business processes in a call center. Its primary purpose is to reduce the time spent manually dialing numbers, boost calling efficiency, and significantly improve overall operator productivity.

In an outbound contact center, an auto dialer efficiently dials through a list of contacts, connecting them to live agents or an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. The auto-dialing soft skips over “busy” signals, disconnected numbers, voicemail redirection, and autoresponders, ensuring agents are directly connected to live contacts.

What tasks does an auto dialer software solve in a call center?

When in use, an auto dialer system can either play a pre-recorded message or connect the call to an available agent. Autodialing software is a time-saver, reduces errors in manual dialing, and boosts efficiency across different call center tasks, including:

Call center auto dialers come with several advantages compared to manual dialing. While the software can’t fully replace call center agents, it significantly lightens their workload.

For instance, autodialing can keep customers informed about promotions, updates, discounts, and special offers. It also automates the delivery of thank-you messages for orders, authorization codes, and order confirmations on websites.

By integrating an outbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system into the auto dialer system, various autodialing scenarios can be set up, or calls can be directed to the appropriate call center agents.

Auto dialer systems: three types of service

Let’s break down the types of autodialing systems:

Preview dialer

A preview dialer is an auto dialing system used in outbound call centers, which sends a contact record to an agent for review before placing the call. This allows agents to better prepare for the interaction and results in more successful calls. Benefits include reduced dropped calls and increased agent efficiency.

Preview dialers facilitate data collection and provide analytics on the outcomes of the dialing process. These reports may include statistics on successful calls, wait times, conversation durations, and other metrics, enabling the optimization of strategies and informed decision-making.

Ideal for campaigns with a limited number of outbound calls, where agents need to address complex customer situations and focus on call quality rather than quantity.

Progressive auto dialer

The progressive dialer is an autodialing service that dials numbers one after another, skipping busy signals. It automatically moves on to the next call when the previous one ends.

Progressive auto dialer systems usually come with features to manage contact lists, including filtering, sorting, and data updates. Reports and analytics on call outcomes are essential for agents to work with updated information, refine dialing strategies, and enhance service quality.

Automated dialing using a progressive dialer software aims to increase successful connections, thereby improving overall efficiency and call center performance.

Outbound IVR dialer system

An outbound IVR dialer is specialized software used by outbound call centers to send personalized voice messages to a contact database. This tool handles various tasks, such as:

  • Sharing updates about new products, upcoming events, promotions, or service changes.
  • Sending reminders and notifications, like upcoming meetings, payment deadlines, or alterations in service schedules.
  • Conducting automated customer surveys, collecting feedback, and performing marketing research.
  • Automatically confirming agreements, orders, or event registrations through voice messages.

The outbound IVR dialer streamlines customer support by providing relevant information, routing calls to the right operators, and gathering valuable feedback for ongoing service enhancements.

An auto dialer: how does it works in a contact center?

Understanding how auto dialers function in a contact center involves several key steps:

  1. Loading Customer Database: The system loads a database with customer information, including names, phone numbers, addresses, and other details.
  2. Campaign Setup: Call center operators configure call parameters, specifying the type of dialer and conditions for transitioning between calls.
  3. Creating Call Scripts: A script is crafted, outlining the messages that customers will hear when they answer, along with how different responses will be handled.
  4. Launching Autodialing: An operator initiates the auto dialer system, which begins calling numbers in the database based on the configured settings.
  5. Determining Call Outcomes: The system checks if a successful connection was made, identifying the call status (busy, voicemail, abandoned, etc.).
  6. Call Routing: Based on the outcome, the auto dialer software directs the call accordingly—successful connections to live agents, retries for busy or unanswered calls, or leaving voicemails.
  7. Playing Programmed Messages: When a connection is established, the auto dialer system can play pre-recorded voice messages or generate messages using speech synthesis.
  8. Gathering Feedback: During the call, the auto dialer may collect customer feedback by offering response options to questions or evaluating service quality.
  9. Tracking Performance: Call center managers use analytical tools to monitor campaign effectiveness, reviewing metrics like successful connections and feedback levels.
  10. Campaign Conclusion and Analysis: Upon campaign completion, or as needed, agents halt the autodialer and analyze results, making decisions to enhance the process.

Important note

If a particular number is incorrect or unavailable for any reason, the contact center auto dialer system will automatically skip that number and dial the next one in the list. However, it’s crucial to recognize that leads are valuable. If the auto dialer fails to connect on the first attempt, it’s advisable to try again.

Configuring retry settings in the autodialing service helps maximize campaign productivity. Repeat outbound call center calls can be scheduled by the auto dialer system immediately, at a specific later time, or on another day. Additionally, you can set a particular time of day for call retries and establish rules, such as a maximum number of retry attempts.

Auto dialer benefits transforming call centers

Boosted agent efficiency

Manual dialing can keep agents waiting and listening to voicemails, but call center auto dialers cut out these delays. Agents can spend more time engaging with clients, leading to increased productivity.

Higher conversion rates

As call volumes rise, so do conversion rates and earnings per unit of time. Stats indicate that using a call center auto dialer soft can save up to 3 hours per agent daily.

Improved call quality

Auto dialer systems free up agents from manual dialing, allowing them to focus on delivering more personalized and efficient customer service. Instead of searching for the right number, agents can concentrate on understanding customer issues and engagement history, enhancing overall service quality.

Reduced human errors

Contact center auto dialer software help prevent common mistakes like dialing the wrong number, selecting the wrong script, or giving incorrect responses. These systems minimize the impact of human error, ensuring more precise and effective client interactions.

Data centralization and analysis

Call center auto dialer systems automatically log all calls, offering a centralized record of interactions for analysis. The analytical tools provided by auto dialers help assess agent performance, campaign efficiency, and other crucial metrics. The gathered data, presented in reports, offer insights into successful strategies and areas needing improvement in marketing campaigns and outreach initiatives.

GB Power Dialer from Global Bilgi’s cloud contact center platform, Sirius

The versatile GB Power Dialer is a vital component of our Sirius contact center cloud platform. This auto dialer software is designed to efficiently manage outbound telemarketing campaigns, seamlessly handle both inbound and outbound workloads, and help achieve ambitious sales targets in the call center. Here are some key features of the software:

  • Automated outbound dialing campaigns
  • Different dialing modes: Preview, Progressive, Outbound IVR
  • Capability to handle calls from multiple campaigns within a single group
  • Flexible scheduling for campaign operations
  • Integration with web services for pre-call verification
  • Robust callback strategies and scheduling based on result codes
  • Automated scheduled callbacks for convenience
  • Phone number anonymization to prioritize privacy
  • API for seamless integration with external call requests

GB Power Dialer is powerful call center software that facilitates outbound autodialing from a contact number database, all while adhering to a predefined script. The auto dialer software allows administrators to configure settings, ensuring efficient data gathering on all participants in the system, including channels, calls, agents, and groups.

GB Power Dialer: automated outbound calls for optimal productivity!

With GB Power Dialer, a key component of the Sirius cloud contact center platform, you can significantly boost your contact center’s efficiency. This tool enables seamless connections between call center agents and the right contacts at the right time or facilitates fully automated dialing. In both scenarios, our system ensures advanced analytics for tracking customer and operator interactions. Global Bilgi’s customer autodialing service simplifies any type of outbound call for your team!

GB Power Dialer offers various campaign types for different objectives, including Outbound IVR, Progressive Reserved, Progressive Released, Preview Free, and Preview Straight. To handle extensive contact databases effectively, we’ve introduced the Last Second Check service for our GB Power Dialer. This feature verifies the relevance of auto-dialing a number by checking the database just before making the call.

Request a free call to explore how the auto dialer software can enhance your business operations!

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