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Why won’t Wikipedia tell you what a benefits cafeteria is?

what a benefits cafeteria is

In this article, the Head of the benefits and compensation group of Global Bilgi, Olha Popryadukhina, talks about the cafeteria of benefits, which is a relatively new concept in Ukraine, which has already been implemented in our company. Many HR specialists have heard about it, some even already work with this system, but most often they are wary of it.

We suggest you find out what the benefits cafeteria is, how it affects the productivity and effectiveness of the work of a multilingual outsourcing contact center, and how it can be useful for every company. Our company has experience in successfully managing a team of more than 500 specialists and also provides outstaffing services (staff augmentation) for multinational corporations.

What is the benefits cafe in the company?

Benefits cafeteria are all benefits included in the compensation package from the Company. At the same time, the employee himself, as in a cafe according to the menu principle, can choose at his own discretion which benefit is more relevant and interesting for him. And, just like in a real cafeteria, the employee has a certain budget in the virtual wallet).

Variants for benefits cafe

As a rule, an employee accumulates virtual money for completed tasks according to company standards. For example, for high Performance or helping a new employee, if it is provided by internal standards.

There are many variations of the “cafe” job. You can say that there are as many companies as there are so many options.

The classic “menu” option requires a sufficient amount of both material (budget) and human resources for system administration. This is especially critical for companies with a large number of employees. In this case, it is ideal to automate the process and link it to an internal portal:

  • A virtual personal account is created on the internal portal of each employee;
  • The personal account contains all information about the employee: photo, position, duration of work, etc.;
  • In addition, information about the internal virtual balance of this employee is displayed in the personal account;
  • There are clear rules for what each employee can receive points;
  • During the year, he actively “earns” them and carefully puts them into a virtual wallet;
  • Then there may be several options: either during the year the employee can use the points to purchase some short-term benefits (a weekend trip for two to another city, a visit to the SPA), or all the points can be transferred to cash once a year when filling the compensation package (more profitable insurance conditions, increased mobile phone limit, etc.);
  • The entire list of benefits chosen by the employee and the status of their use is added to the personal account.

As you can see, this is a full-fledged system that requires, as a rule, a dedicated specialist administrator. Therefore, most often each company adapts this system to its needs and capabilities. For example, it can be a certain number of ready-made sets for the choice of each employee.

Advantages of cafeteria benefits for business

  • Generations X, Y, and Z have probably been heard many times by everyone. As a rule, all three generations now work side by side. However, each representative of his generation has different needs. For example, a representative of Generation X may be more interested in family insurance than travel insurance. The cafeteria gives each employee the opportunity to choose something of his own;
  • The employee, realizing that his choice is limited, will try to choose only what he will actually use. This means that the Company’s budget will be used more rationally;
  • Most often, we get used to all the benefits and take them for granted. The benefits cafeteria allows you to look at it again and remember that not all companies have such an advantage;
  • Increasing staff satisfaction, which is very important 🙂

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Our company is one of the largest outsourcing contact centers in Ukraine and belongs to the international group Tukcell – the leader in the telecommunications market in Turkey and Ukraine. In addition to classic contact center outsourcing services, we provide HR services for companies of all sizes and areas of activity. You can fill out the form at the link and learn more about all the benefits that Global Bilgi offers to its employees and Partners.

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