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Call Center Career Development: from a Customer Service Representative to an HR Director

Call Center Career Development

Nataliia Manko – Human Resources Director – Global Bilgi (Ukraine)

Over the past 8 years, I had the opportunity to climb the career ladder in Global Bilgi, the leading outsourcing contact center in Ukraine. After starting my call center career, I worked my way up to the position of HR Director. My journey is a testament to the opportunities for growth that exist within our company, and I hope to inspire you to pursue your Telesales or Customer Service Representative career.

According to our internal statistics, 85% of open positions at the outsourcing contact center Global Bilgi are filled by internal candidates. This is a clear indication that we strive to develop and promote our employees. So let’s talk about a real-life case of call center career development. In this article, we will share the career path for call center agents and growth opportunities in our industry. Just remember, they are only available to those who are willing to work hard and accept new challenges.

Professional Growth from a Call Center Agent to the Head of HR

My journey in the outsourcing contact center began 8 years ago when I started working as a Call Center Agent in Sumy, Ukraine. After a year of working with inbound calls, I moved to the Recruitment Department, where I developed my skills in attracting talent to the position of Telesales Call Center Agents and Customer Support Representatives, which I myself was just recently.

A few months later, I returned to the Operations Department as a Team Leader, where I focused on coaching and empowering my team of customer services professionals. I`d had 3 years of career as a Team Leader, before winning the internal competition for the position of Head of the Recruitment Department. Then I moved to the city of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, to take on a new role.

In my current role as HR Director, I use the diverse experience and skills I have developed over the years. I am proud to exemplify the growth opportunities the company offers and am excited to see how others can follow a similar career path for customer service.

Development of Internal Candidates at Global Bilgi

One of the biggest advantages of working at the outsourcing contact center Global Bilgi is the real opportunity for career growth and promotion within the company. As I mentioned earlier, 85% of open positions are filled by internal candidates. This means that if you start working as a Call Center Operator or a Team Leader, you have a real chance to move to a higher position and develop new skills.

An internal candidate at Global Bilgi has many advantages. First, you already have a good understanding of the culture, processes, and systems in our company. You know how things work and what is expected of you. Secondly, you have experience of successful work in a team. Your supervisors know your strengths and weaknesses and can vouch for your performance. Finally, you have access to a wide network of colleagues and mentors who can support your growth and development in our contact center.

Call Center Agent Career Development and Internship Programs

One of the key ways to boost your career at Global Bilgi is through taking our development and internship program. They will allow you to “upgrade” your call center operator skills and other abilities. We offer a variety of internships that provide valuable experience and training in various areas such as operations, recruitment, training and development, and more. Our internships are designed to provide hands-on learning, mentoring, and networking opportunities. After completing the internship, call center agents often get more advantages when participating in internal competitions for open positions, because the spectrum of their knowledge is much more diverse.

In addition to our Call Center Agent Apprenticeship Program, we also have Development Schools, Team Leader Schools, Coach Schools, and PRM Schools that offer further development opportunities to help employees grow and advance within the company. Our development schools include a variety of courses and programs, such as leadership training, public speaking, and strategic thinking. These programs are designed to help people acquire the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their current roles, as well as prepare them for future call center career opportunities within the company. We encourage all employees to take advantage of these programs and invest in their own career development.

The Process of Conducting Internal Competitions for Call Center Employees

When an internal vacancy opens at Global Bilgi, it is usually advertised to all employees, providing a detailed job description and specifying the required qualifications and experience. Interested call center employees can apply by submitting a CV and cover letter outlining their qualifications and why they believe they are the best candidate for the position.

After receiving applications, the recruitment department reviews them and selects candidates for interviews according to the necessary requirements. These interviews are conducted with the participation of recruiters and managers and may include not only the assessment of skills but also other tasks related to future work. After the interviews are completed, the best candidate for the position is selected based on their qualifications, experience, and fit with the company culture. All these criteria are indicated in the candidate’s profile, according to which all participants in the competition are evaluated.

Career Development Plan for Call Center Agents

In order to grow and develop your career, it is important to have a clear idea of your professional goals and aspirations. Spend time thinking about what motivates you, what you are passionate about, and where you see yourself in the future. Once you’ve decided on your career path, start exploring the opportunities available within the company according to your career development plan and strategy.

As a call center agent, you can talk to your Team Leader or HR representative about your career goals and ask for their support in identifying potential contact center career paths. Take advantage of training and development programs, as well as mentoring and networking opportunities. Don`t be afraid to take on new challenges and responsibilities, even if they may seem difficult at first glance. Remember that growth requires stepping out of your comfort zone and taking calculated risks.

Concussion and Growth Motivation

My journey in an outsourced contact center is a testament to the real opportunities that exist for growth and development for call center job takers. The call center operator profession has prospects for growth both within the company and outside of it. I hope that my story has inspired others to take advantage of the many career opportunities available to them and pursue their dreams in our organization and others.

Global Bilgi is committed to developing and advancing its employees and offers a wide range of programs, internships, and development schools to support their growth, providing a dynamic and fulfilling workplace that enables our employees to reach their full potential.

I encourage everyone working in our outsourcing contact center to explore the many opportunities available, take on new challenges, and continue to grow and develop as professionals. Together, we can achieve amazing results and build a future full of opportunity and success.

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