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Use of a voicebot in a call center: the Global Bilgi experience


In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, large organizations are constantly looking for innovative solutions to reduce costs and save money. One such technology that is growing in popularity is voicebots powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Global Bilgi has always been a pioneer in the use of cutting-edge technologies. We already have a successful case in our portfolio that involved the use of a voicebot in the inbound line of a call center. In this article, we would like to share the details of this case with our blog readers.

Summary of the case

One of the largest energy companies in Ukraine approached Global Bilgi to conduct an audit of its internal contact center. The audit revealed a significant problem: a lack of telecommunication channels for the inbound call center line. Simply put, customers could not reach the call center because there were not enough phone lines available. Approximately two-thirds of calls went unanswered each month.

This problem was exacerbated by pronounced seasonal fluctuations in call volumes, which complicated the HR department’s efforts to recruit agents. In addition, billing periods posed a particular challenge, as customers had to submit their meter readings and risk sanctions from the National Energy Regulatory Commission of Ukraine (NERC), which stipulates that at least 95% of calls must be answered.

The tasks were clear:

  • Increase the response rate* to 95% to meet NERC requirements.
  • Achieve a service level ratio of 75/30, i.e. 75% of customers should be served by an employee within 30 seconds of being put on hold.

*The answer rate is the percentage of incoming calls answered by the call center compared to the total number of call attempts during a given time period. Situations such as busy inbound lines and calls that are abandoned before being answered are considered unsuccessful attempts and affect the AR value, which can vary depending on caller behavior.

Answer Rate count formula:

AR = (answered calls / call attempts) × 100


Since increasing the number of channels and hiring more operators for a short period each month was not a viable solution, we proposed an alternative: a voicebot for the call center. This voicebot would collect meter reading information from customers and enter it into the client’s CRM system.

First version of the voicebot

Based on the set objectives, Global Bilgi’s engineers developed a voicebot and launched a pilot project.

Pilot project results

During the test period, the dedicated number for meter readings received 13,110 calls. Of these, 55% of customer numbers (7,219 calls) were already in the client’s database, allowing them to be directly routed to the voicebot.

Out of the 7,219 calls handled by the voicebot, 3,519 customers (49%) successfully confirmed their account numbers, which was a prerequisite for submitting meter readings. The remaining 51% were unable to confirm their account numbers and were thus transferred to a call center agent as per the voicebot’s configuration.

Of the 3,519 customers who confirmed their account numbers, 2,630 (75%) verified the accuracy of their meter readings. Notably, the verification rate increased from 60% on the first day to 90% on the last day of the test period.

In 25% of the cases where customers couldn’t verify the accuracy of their readings, the main issue was that customers were submitting information for multiple accounts.

Proposed adjustments by Global Bilgi engineers

Given the results, Global Bilgi engineers proposed the following steps to optimize the voicebot:

  • Enhance the voice bot’s script to automatically enter the customer’s account number into the CRM if it’s not already in the database.
  • Improve the meter reading input to accommodate day and night rates.
  • Update the system to compare current meter readings with previous ones for each account. If the current readings are lower or significantly higher than previous ones, the voicebot should immediately notify the customer of a potential error and prompt them to confirm the data.
  • Modify the system to send an SMS confirmation with the account number and current meter readings immediately after data verification. If customers notice an error, they can call the contact center to provide correct information.

Expected impact

Specialists estimate that implementing these adjustments will enable the voicebot to handle up to 90% of all calls and ensure 100% data validity.

Capabilities and prospects of using Global Bilgi’s voicebot

From our collaboration with one of the Ukraine’s largest energy companies, we observed a wide range of capabilities and prospects for using voicebots in enterprises with high contact center loads.

Firstly, our voicebot, equipped with dual speech recognition engines, can understand conversation context, respond to queries in real-time, and perform complex tasks that previously required a human agent. This opens new opportunities for companies looking to optimize their processes and provide quick and efficient customer service.

Secondly, implementing a voicebot on the incoming line of a contact center allows for the simultaneous handling of a larger volume of inquiries. This provides businesses with a competitive advantage, especially during peak load periods. Another significant advantage of Global Bilgi’s voicebot is the ability to ensure continuous 24/7 customer support.

Thirdly, Global Bilgi’s voicebot solution can be deployed both in the cloud via a SaaS model and on-premise, installed on the client’s call-center equipment. This ensures stability, accessibility, and independence from changes in API or cloud solution pricing policies.


Thanks to the capabilities of modern conversational AI, voicebots can automate routine tasks, reduce agents workload, and provide 24/7 customer support. This not only increases customer satisfaction but also boosts business efficiency by reducing costs and improving key performance indicators.

Contact Global Bilgi, a reliable developer of contact center software, for a powerful and reliable voicebot solution. Our experts will help you implement advanced technologies that will provide your business with a competitive edge and an exceptional customer experience.

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