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How to support employees in difficult times?

support employees

The full-scale war that began on February 24, 2022, in Ukraine, has definitely affected all aspects of our lives, including those related to work.

As of the beginning of June, thanks to our Armed Forces and all defenders of Ukraine, most areas of business in relatively safe regions are gradually resuming their activities, making an important contribution to the economy of our country.

In this difficult time, all companies try to support their employees in different ways. And although there is no universal recipe for happiness, we would like to share a few tips from our own experience.

  1. Provide employees with the opportunity to visit a corporate psychologist to support their psychological health;
  2. Send transparent communication and inform about the action plan in case of escalation of the situation, as well as maintain constant communication from the TOP management and managers, and give updates about the situation within the company;
  3. Conduct meetings with teams of various departments to maintain corporate spirit;
  4. Provide the option to work remotely to keep employees safe and support those who had to leave their city.

Workflows are quickly adapting to military conditions and should continue to operate and hire staff whenever possible. After all, people are the greatest value for any company, which becomes even more relevant in such difficult times.

Nowadays, stable work, paying taxes, and creating jobs are important contributions to the economic front of our country. Everyone should do what they can best to help in the quick victory of Ukraine!

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