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What is a VoIP phone number for business?

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In the era of business globalization and the trend of remote work, IP telephony has become the primary means of communication. Customer service sectors and call center outsourcing have long been using VoIP telephony. With a VoIP number, clients can communicate with companies without being tied to a specific location, overcoming any geographic barriers. Additionally, VoIP numbers also provide significant cost savings, especially for long-distance and international calls. Let’s consider all the advantages that a VoIP phone number offers for businesses.

Why does a business need VoIP telephony?

Today, the IP telephony market is estimated at nearly $50 billion, with forecasts predicting more than a twofold increase by 2032 to $109.6 billion. This is one of the IT sectors with the fastest growth rates. For businesses, this means new solutions and opportunities to achieve global goals:

Shifting telephony capabilities to the cloud

Implementing VoIP and cloud PBX allows companies to reduce telephone and IT infrastructure service costs. Increased resilience to failures, communication channel quality, and provider security – all this activates the complete abandonment of hardware platforms in business infrastructure

Integration with other systems

VoIP telephony can be integrated with other business systems, such as CRM for call centers, ERP, or customer relationship management systems, allowing for the automation of communication processes and data processing.

Integration with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things uses VoIP telephony protocols to access the internet. This facilitates the connection of various devices to the cloud for efficient data transmission. Cloud platforms become more accessible, providing consumers and businesses easy access to the infrastructure and information needed to scale their business.

Better communication stability

The rapidly evolving 5G technology has a capacity several times greater than 4G. The transition to 5G will also positively impact communication quality since one of the issues with IP telephony today is signal delay due to high traffic volumes within outdated networks. Generation 5G will reduce packet delay for VoIP and ensure network continuity.

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, using automation and voice analytics tools, significantly enhances the capabilities of VoIP telephony and improves all aspects of communication between companies and customers. By the way, we recommend reading our article Will AI replace call center agents?

Business attention is also focused on increasing the multitasking capabilities of VoIP telephony: making voice calls, video calls, message transmission, faxing, and other forms of communication. Thus, companies can seamlessly conduct integrated meetings with clients or employees regardless of geographical location.

What are the benefits of VoIP phone numbers for businesses?

What is a VoIP phone number essentially? It is a virtual number that operates over the Internet using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. Instead of traditional phone lines, VoIP utilizes the Internet to transmit voice, text, and video information. Using a VoIP phone number offers numerous advantages for businesses of any scale, from individual entrepreneurs who frequently travel to multinational companies whose branches and clients may be scattered worldwide! Let’s outline the main benefits of using a VoIP phone number.

Global reach with VoIP phone numbers

Imagine a multinational corporation with headquarters in Western Europe, manufacturing facilities in Asia, a back office, and customer service center in Ukraine, and a diverse clientele spanning the globe. Coordinating efficient communication across such vast distances with traditional landline telephony presents significant challenges. However, with VoIP phone numbers, these barriers dissolve.

VoIP technology enables seamless communication with clients regardless of their location. All that’s needed is a stable internet connection. This flexibility empowers companies to tap into a pool of top talent worldwide and effortlessly engage with clients using virtual numbers tailored to their respective regions. In essence, VoIP phone numbers facilitate the absolute globalization of communication, transcending geographical boundaries.

VoIP phone numbers cut down on telecommunication expenses

One more benefit of VoIP numbers is saving money. This not only means reducing current call costs (VoIP rates are much cheaper than mobile communication), but also eliminating the need to buy costly telephone hardware. By utilizing VoIP phone numbers alongside a cloud-based call center platform and virtual PBX providers, calls can be placed and received from any device: smartphone, laptop, tablet, personal computer, and more. The key requirement is that the device supports the installation of software phone, also called a softphone.

Integration with CRM systems

VoIP phone numbers seamlessly integrate with CRM systems, offering one of the most significant benefits for businesses. This integration is a crucial step in streamlining communication processes within a business. It involves:

  • Identifying customers
  • Recording call data
  • Categorizing calls
  • Speeding up query processing
  • Generating reports, and more

Integrating VoIP numbers with a CRM outsourcing services enhances business efficiency by customizing service and expediting customer query processes.

VoIP phone numbers mean quick implementation and scalability

Indeed, because business is all about constant transformation! A new department emerges in the company, a new advertising campaign is launched in a new region, or there’s a need to expand the technical support team — you can always purchase additional VoIP phone numbers, as many as you need. Imagine a rapidly growing startup: an app, an innovative device, anything. When the number of customers grows rapidly, so do the needs for customer service or technical support. In such cases, it’s best to use the services of an outsourced contact center, where with the help of VoIP telephony and virtual numbers, you can quickly organize a call center, scale the number of technical support outsourcing operators, without the need to invest in expensive telephone infrastructure.

How to get a VoIP phone number?

Currently, VoIP telephony services are in high demand, so obtaining a VoIP phone number in Ukraine is not difficult. Numbers are offered by both major telecommunications providers and numerous private companies. Of course, for receiving SMS or registering on a website, a person can connect a VoIP number without a subscription fee, so to speak, in a trial mode. However, for a large company that requires stable and secure telephony services with advanced features, such as IP telephony for a call center with FMC, it is better to turn to one of the leading service providers.

VoIP phone providers in Ukraine, in addition to virtual numbers, offer a wide range of services for businesses and provide flexible tariffs. Therefore, you can choose a VoIP phone number according to your needs.

VoIP phone numbers: conclusions

Customer service has become an essential requirement for business development. Therefore, the growth of VoIP call center software is accelerating rapidly. Using VoIP numbers for business provides many benefits, from improving confidentiality to enhancing the company’s professional image. VoIP numbers improve accessibility and help potential customers maintain constant and reliable communication with the business, receive information and technical support, and enhance the customer experience. These numbers are flexible and scalable, as they are not tied to devices or stationary PBXs, and allow communication with anyone connected to the Internet. For large businesses, it is not advisable to use apps to obtain a virtual number, order cheap or free VoIP numbers, as their functionality may be limited. A reliable way to get a VoIP phone number is to contact an IP telephony service provider.

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