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The Importance of the callback widget for cloud contact centers

callback widget

Omnichannel communication is a key trend in customer service technology. That’s why software developers for contact centers aim to integrate all available channels for client-business communication into their solutions. One such communication tool is the callback request button on websites. In this article, we’ll delve into what a callback widget is, the tasks it handles, and its role within the Sirius cloud contact center system.

What is the callback widget?

Recall your experience browsing websites. Whether you’re buying a new phone online, topping up your internet provider account, or registering on a service portal, you’ll likely spot a bright circle or square button featuring a phone icon. Chances are, this is the Callback widget, also known as the “call me back” button.

When you click on this button, a form pops up on the screen, prompting you to input your name and phone number. After that, you select a call-to-action, such as “request a call” or “call me now” and await a callback from customer support or a manager. In essence, the callback request button is a program embedded on a website page, facilitating visitors to easily reach out to a company representative with minimal effort.

You might be wondering why we’re explaining this in such detail. That’s because, based on our observations, some companies, businesses, commercial entities, and government institutions don’t fully grasp the potential of this communication tool. Therefore, let’s delve deeper into the functional capabilities of the callback widget.

What are the features of a callback widget on a website?

First and foremost, a callback widget provides a convenient way for website visitors to request a call from a company representative directly from the website. This naturally improves the customer experience and increases the likelihood of conversion.

Secondly, an animated callback widget is a lead generation tool that gently nudges website visitors to take action. Conveniently located in the corner of the web page, it seems to say: “Click me, we’ll call you back and answer all your questions. You won’t even have to pay for the call!”. According to data from several leading research companies, if a website visitor has filled out and submitted a callback request form, there is a more than 75% chance that they will make a purchase or order a service.

Thirdly, the callback widget eliminates the need for visitors to search for contact information or navigate through sections of the site to contact sales or support departments. And if the button is animated, that is, it moves, then it is even better!

In addition, the callback button collects useful data. Even during non-working hours! When the callback widget is integrated with the CRM system, each time a website visitor fills out the form, you receive a new potential customer card with their name, phone number and email address (provided the form is set up accordingly).

Callback widget in the Sirius cloud contact center ecosystem

You’re likely already acquainted with our Sirius cloud contact center platform. Today, it’s the leading comprehensive software for contact centers, helping businesses of any scale efficiently organize flawless customer service. The callback request button serves as an additional solution for clients using Global Bilgi’s software, easily installable on the website of the contact center platform’s client.

Why should you choose our callback widget? There are several compelling reasons:

Simple installation

Our specialists are ready to offer installation services for setting up the call me button on your website and configuring the widget, which includes:

  • Adapting the widget to the working hours of the call center operators.
  • Connecting the phone number to the callback widget.
  • Setting up call forwarding schemes.
  • Customizing the language for the call request form based on the displayed region.

Design customization

The callback widget for website should stand out and catch attention. However, it shouldn’t clash with the website’s overall visual theme. That’s why the placement and appearance of Global Bilgi’s callback widget can be adjusted to align with the style and colors of the client’s website.

Similarly, the size, fonts, and input fields of the pop-up call request form can be tailored to suit the client’s preferences.

Wide integration opportunities

The Sirius cloud contact center comes with built-in CRM, auto dialer software, reporting and analytics services, and operator performance evaluation systems. The callback service widget can be integrated with all these systems. As a result, the client achieves maximum efficiency of the widget and can track data regarding:

  • the number of calls over a period
  • agent response times
  • pages of the website from which inquiries were made
  • call outcomes, and so on.

Recording callback requests is invaluable for analyzing customer queries and staff performance. By addressing customer inquiries, one can better understand the needs of the target audience. Additionally, this feature allows for identifying weaknesses in the company’s operations.

In which industries will the website callback widget be most effective?

In highly competitive environments, the battle for customer attention is ongoing. Success in this battle determines the development of a business. To make a person choose your product/service over similar offers, engaging the consumer and ensuring a high level of customer service on your website is essential.

Clients of Global Bilgi’s contact center software in Ukraine and abroad have already appreciated the effectiveness of our solutions in industries such as telecommunications, e-commerce, finance, medical services, and more.

As for the request a call button widget on the website, this tool shows the greatest effectiveness in industries such as:

  • e-commerce
  • finance
  • medical services
  • education
  • tourism
  • government services.

It is important to note that the callback widget will be beneficial for any business that either has its own contact center or uses call center outsourcing services. In such cases, it provides an additional advantage as another communication channel between the company and its customers.

Through the website callback widget solution our clients increase conversion rates, as their customers are more likely to make a purchase or schedule an appointment when they can contact the company by requesting a callback.

At the same time, the callback widget from Global Bilgi helps businesses improve service and increase customer loyalty NPS scores.


The animated callback widget from Global Bilgi is an extra tool that gives businesses a competitive edge in attracting clients.

This widget’s functionality and integration with other components of the cloud platform for contact centers not only boost website conversion rates but also gather crucial data, assess operator performance, and enhance the overall customer experience.

You can see how the callback widget works right now. Simply click on the “call back” button in the footer of this blog, request a call, and our managers will call you at a convenient time for you.

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