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Static call tracking as an advantage of the Sirius platform for your marketing department

Static call tracking

Did you know that the comprehensive Sirius Cloud Contact Center solution includes static call tracking? If not, you should definitely read this material. In it, you will learn what static call tracking is, how it integrates with other components of the Sirius platform, and the benefits your marketing department will receive by utilizing static call tracking.

What is static call tracking?

Static call tracking is a tool for monitoring and analyzing the effectiveness of different advertising channels. In contrast to dynamic call tracking, static call tracking assigns a separate telephone number to each marketing source. In this way, the marketing department receives objective information about the effectiveness of advertising channels.

Is static call tracking only suitable for offline advertising?

There is a widespread belief that static call tracking is better suited to evaluate the effectiveness of offline marketing channels such as billboards, print ads, radio or TV advertising. In such cases, customers see the number on a lightbox, for example, call it, and the call tracking system records that the call came from an external marketing channel.

However, static call tracking can also be used for internet marketing. The tracking number can be assigned:

  • the “Contacts” section of the company’s website
  • the company page in Google
  • the page on a marketing platform (Ebay, Amazon)
  • the promotional video on streaming platforms (Youtube, Twitch)
  • the page on a social network, etc.

In addition, a separate static number can be assigned to your offline and online marketing sources in different geographical regions.

Static call tracking in the Sirius Cloud Platform ecosystem

The Sirius Cloud Platform for contact centers combines VoIP telephony, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, automatic call distribution, power dialing, CRM system, statistical tools, reporting and performance evaluation. Static call tracking is part of the Sirius software suite and provides a strategic advantage for marketers and sales department managers.

Thanks to the integration of call tracking with enterprise CRM and reporting systems, every call in your call center becomes not just part of the general information flow, but a valuable resource for improving service and shaping future marketing strategies for the company.

The ability to listen to, transcribe and analyze calls on any channel also allows you to determine how effectively your agents and sales specialists are performing.

Evaluate the benefits of Global Bilgi static call tracking!

Static call tracking is an integral part of the comprehensive software functionality for the Sirius Contact Center. It is immediately available to our customers, which means quick setup and saves time and resources for implementation.

Want to know the benefits of call tracking specifically for your marketing department? Let us talk about it in detail!

Assess the effectiveness of the marketing channel

Which advertising source leads to the most calls? With Global Bilgi’s static call tracking, you will know for sure:

  • whether a particular marketing channel is working
  • whether an advertising campaign was effective
  • in which regions the advertising messages were best received.

Data for the allocation of marketing budgets

Based on the previous point, static call tracking allows you to allocate your advertising budget as effectively as possible. Call tracking also allows you to test new marketing channels before spending a significant portion of the budget.

Confirmation of the success of the campaign

Static call tracking can help you prove the success of your marketing campaigns to management or investors. You can use the call data to measure ROI and prove that your marketing efforts are paying off.

Increase conversion

By assigning unique phone numbers to different marketing channels, your company can determine exactly which strategies are leading to the most conversions. These valuable insights allow you to make informed marketing decisions.

Control the quality of service

Detailed reports and call recordings allow your managers to monitor the performance of call center agents, optimize call scripts and plan the distribution of staff according to the most effective marketing channels.

Improve the customer experience

Static call tracking allows companies to personalize interactions with customers by routing calls to the appropriate agents or departments based on the origin of the call. This approach ultimately improves the customer experience and leads to greater company loyalty.


Call tracking is undoubtedly a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. It can help you track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, improve customer service and optimize advertising costs.

However, to get the maximum benefit from call tracking, it is important to use it in conjunction with other systems in the Sirius Cloud Contact Center platform.

With us, you can buy contact center software and enjoy all the benefits, including the call tracking feature, independently. Or you can opt for Global Bilgi’s contact center outsourcing and entrust the care of your customers and the tracking of the effectiveness of your marketing to specialists with 15 years of experience. Give us a call and we will find the best solution for your business!

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