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How to choose a platform for automated voice calls

Автоматичні дзвінки

An important stage for business development is the selection and implementation of a platform for automatic voice calls. In today’s world, voice technologies are becoming more and more common. The global speech recognition market is expected to reach over $30 billion by 2025. Bots developed on the basis of this technology are able to effectively automate a large part of business processes with the help of automatic dialing, which reduces unnecessary financial and time costs.

Many business leaders are increasingly aware of the importance of this latest technology and are incorporating it into their strategic plans. However, before implementing a new service, it is important to understand which selection criteria should be considered and which aspects should be studied first.

Marketers are often faced with the following task: “We need to develop a commercial proposal for an automatic call from our contact database. Please collect information about potential suppliers and ask for the cost of the project. Then we will review and approve.”

The market provides many offers from companies that provide services for automatic outgoing voice calls. We have collected the main factors and details that you should pay attention to when choosing a dealer, as well as important aspects of cooperation and the specifics of using artificial intelligence.

Today, the capabilities of artificial intelligence allow for solving a variety of business tasks. Choosing the right ones for you can be a big step forward.

Automatic outgoing calls can perform many different functions.

Here are just a few of them.

Marketing goals:

  1. Automatic calling of customers can help upgrade and segment your customer base;
  2. They can invite customers to future online and offline events;
  3. Inform customers about promotions, discounts, and offers;
  4. Conduct surveys to get feedback on meetings.

Sales and Lead Generation:

  1. Automated calls can make “cold calls”;
  2. Process the received information and transfer potential customers to sales managers;
  3. Update information about the needs and requests of interlocutors.

Customer service and auto call service:

  1. Customer call campaigns may collect user appeals, complaints, and requests;
  2. They organize communication with the service center;
  3. They control the quality of service.

As we can see, the use of this innovative solution can be useful in almost all areas of business. So, the next question you need to answer is: Is your team ready to actively adopt advanced technologies?

Your first priority is to have your own contact base. As you understand, without this artificial intelligence will have nothing to work with. Additionally, you need to develop a plan in advance to handle the leads that result-calling customers from the robot. How many leads do you want to receive so that your team can work comfortably and at the same time close all applications and deals in a timely manner?

Once these questions are answered, you can begin to explore the features that a voice robot robocall service provides.

The main features of automated call services to customers

Speed ​​/ Bandwidth

Each service has the ability to make a certain number of calls per unit of time. If you have a large base of potential customers, you should choose a service with a high call speed. However, this metric usually doesn’t have much impact on the performance of a robocall campaign. That’s why.

A rate of several thousand voice calls per hour is usually more than enough, as you have to consider – can you handle the number of leads you will receive after a mass call? Global Bilgi automatic outbound call execution system PowerDialer can carry out too!12 000 calls per hour.

Let’s say your database consists of 3000 contacts. You initiate “cold” voice calls using our service. The average conversion to interested customers (according to all statistics in various niches) is up to 20%. You will receive up to 600 hot leads in less than an hour. Will you be able to cope with their processing without allowing the interest of customers to “cool down”?

Usually, when choosing the auto call speed, we take into account the client’s ability to process the received results. Based on this, we spread the robocall service over a comfortable number of days, providing as many leads as the managers can process in time.

This parameter, like all others, is important to agree on individually, taking into account the realities of your business. The ideal scenario is to ensure a smooth flow of leads that matches your team’s resources and doesn’t create undue pressure. Thus, you will be able to effectively use each received ice, without losing the opportunity due to insufficient time to process them.

It’s important to remember that the ultimate effectiveness of using a voice bot largely depends on the interaction with human staff. Therefore, call volume planning should take this fact into account.

Cost planning

Companies that specialize in robocall services usually offer several pricing plans. Choosing the best option depends on the specifics of your business and your needs. It is equally important to make sure that the prices for services are transparent and do not contain hidden fees.

Monthly fee

A monthly fee is a fixed amount that you pay each month. It may vary depending on the size of your database and the additional services you use. This can be useful for companies that make a lot of voice calls on a regular basis. However, not all businesses need permanent calling customers, so a monthly fee may not be appropriate for companies that only make occasional voice calls.

Cost of services

When choosing automatic call services, it is important to find out which services are included in the price and how they are charged. There are services that charge per second or per minute of a call, as well as services that charge per call. Compare these options, taking into account the needs of your business, and determine which method of calculation will be the most profitable for you – for each call or for its duration.

We are in Global Bilgi offers a fixed price for each successful one calling, when the subscriber answers the call, listens to the offer, and responds to it. Regardless of the length of the conversation, whether it is 1 or 3 dialogue stages, the cost remains the same. We do not charge for unsuccessful call attempts when the subscriber does not answer or rejects the call, and for connecting to an answering machine.

Additional Services

Some robocall services may offer additional options and tools that can help you increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. This may include additional software, analytics, and reporting tools, assistance with conversational scripting, and so on. It is important to find out which of these additional services are included in the price of the tariff plan, and which of them you may need to achieve your business goals.

Dialogue strategy and scenarios

Only a few companies that provide automated services calling with the help of artificial intelligence, independently create algorithms for conducting a conversation, conduct A/B testing, and adapt answers, taking into account the audience’s reaction. When choosing a service, find out what is offered to you: template answers, individually developed scripts, or you will have to write a conversation script yourself.

We create individual scenarios with A/B testing for each tariff plan because this is the only way that allows us to guarantee the effectiveness of the campaign. Our rich experience with automated voice calls in different sectors has helped us understand what takes into account the needs of the client, how it can be improved, and why it is not desirable to shift the scripting to the client.

Narrators for scripts

When choosing a provider, it is important to consider not only who creates the scripts, but also who executes them. You don’t have to find someone on your team to record the script.

At Global Bilgi, we can create scenarios and make them sound. We select the voices of announcers, taking into account our experience in voice marketing in a specific niche and the tasks to be solved with the help of scripts.

Adding contacts

Contact information is stored in various formats, especially if it is manually collected. Therefore, it is necessary that the system can download the maximum number of phone numbers with minimal loss of time and effort. The best option is automatic correction, filtering, and removal of duplicates from the list.

The intuitiveness of the platform

Customers usually need some time to learn the interface and set up a personal account. Therefore, the simpler and more convenient the platform is, the better. Many services on our market offer access for a subscription fee. Usually, the user needs to configure and run the “intelligent” assistant himself, which can be inconvenient, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Only a few companies can offer you a turnkey project creation and setup, focusing on a specific result.

Analysis and reporting

Any technology must work for a specific result. Therefore, it is important that it can provide you with detailed analytical information for further processing by the sales department and management.

Global Bilgi provides detailed reports with segmented subscriber responses. Your managers can process rejections using keywords from the responses of interlocutors. In addition, our clients receive detailed financial statements with specific cost calculations.

Advantages of using the service of the automatic callback 

Are you still doing the manual cold calling? Save your time. Using Power Dialer from Global Bilgi will bring the following benefits to your business:

  • Effective use of managers’ working time;
  • Freeing employees from monotonous tasks;
  • Versatility in use for various tasks (informing, reminding, surveying, communicating with the client to confirm orders, etc.);
  • Submission of reports on work performed;
  • Saving money on creating a call center and paying employees for voice calls;
  • Increasing the interest of the conversationalist through the development of special scenarios with several ways of conversation development;

Possibilities of the PowerDialer automatic dialer service

Experience shows that a voice bot works more efficiently than a call center. The robot, despite performing thousands of monotonous tasks, remains calm and does not lose patience when responding to the reactions of interlocutors. He is always polite and tactful. Automatic call service is most often used for the following purposes:

  • Cold or warm calling according to the written script. A “smart” bot is able to recognize even a dialect language, so it will find the right answer for the client. The robot will independently create a task and forward it to the manager.
  • Reminding the participants of the online event about its holding. The voice bot will remind you about the event as many times as you need. You choose the frequency of voice calls. Taking into account the number of planned participants, you will be able to fill the free places. You can create the script yourself or use the announcer’s voice.
  • Customer surveys can also be done by Global Bilgi’s voice bot. It will collect information about why customers stopped making orders and what led to the loss of interest in your business. This data will help you make decisions about expanding the range of products or services.
  • Is your HR department running out of time to conduct interviews due to a large number of candidates? Automatic call service will save you time. It will select potentially suitable candidates according to a given algorithm and send their contacts to the manager.

Analytics and reporting after an automated voice call to the client base

Thus, before making a decision to implement the latest technologies in your business operations, it is important to consider and consider the key characteristics of service providers. The benefits of the upgrade are already obvious. It has long been no longer just a “fashionable thing”, but an important tool that helps entrepreneurs save time and money, effectively increase sales, and also increase the loyalty of their customers.

Therefore, it is worth considering automatic calling as an attractive alternative to traditional telephone service. Using technology like automated calling can help you streamline your team’s work, improve customer interactions, and allow you to focus on more strategic aspects of your business.

In terms of reporting and analytics, automated calling can provide you with valuable insights into your customer base. You will be able to receive periodic reports containing important information about the performance of your campaigns, including customer responses and reactions. This information may be useful to evaluate your marketing strategies and to improve your services.

In conclusion, using automated dialers can be an important step in the development of your business. It will help you save time, improve work efficiency and increase customer loyalty, all of which will lead to increased profits.

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