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Global Bilgi makes IVR more accessible: introducing the new IVR builder for Sirius!

IVR builder

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is a key component of modern contact centers. It enables efficient customer self-service, allowing them to interact with an automated system through voice commands or keypad inputs. IVR systems not only reduce the load on call center operators but also provide quick and convenient solutions to customer inquiries. In this article, we introduce the IVR builder software — a user-friendly tool for creating interactive voice response flows.

A brief history of IVR builders

As technology evolved, IVR menus became increasingly complex, featuring multiple levels and sub-levels, voice prompts, and dynamic routing. Creating these intricate flows of voice responses required programming knowledge and experience for configuration and maintenance. This led to delays in development and high costs for hiring and retaining staff. Contact center software developers sought a solution to simplify the creation of interactive voice response menus.

The first no-code IVR menu builders appeared in the mid-2000s. Early solutions were simple and had limited functionality. However, over time, they became more powerful and flexible, offering a wide range of features, such as:

  • drag-and-drop menu modules
  • libraries of pre-recorded voice files
  • the ability to create custom voice files
  • reporting and analytics
  • integration with other virtual PBX systems like CRM, ACD, etc.

Modern IVR authoring tools are software that allow the creation and customization of IVR menus within a visual interface, eliminating the need to write code. The drag-and-drop technology has made the process of creating IVR scripts intuitive and accessible, even to those without technical knowledge. This allows businesses to quickly adapt their IVR menus to market and customer needs.

Global Bilgi’s visual IVR builder

Global Bilgi, a leading developer of contact center software, offers its clients a visual IVR builder as part of its cloud platform, Sirius. This platform enables companies, both private and public, to create a modern, omnichannel contact center for customer service.

The visual IVR builder software from Global Bilgi is based on drag-and-drop technology. With this tool, you can create intuitive call flaws that help your customers either resolve their issues on their own or connect them with the most appropriate call center operator.

General principles of IVR creation tool operation

As previously mentioned, the IVR builder operates using drag-and-drop menu module technology. This means that creating an interactive voice response menu does not require specialized programming knowledge. The menu configuration process is intuitive and involves step-by-step dragging of pre-made voice file modules. First, you select the phone number to which the IVR menu will be assigned and create a new record in the builder. Then, you simply drag and drop blocks with options for possible customer inquiries, their actions, and corresponding action confirmation buttons.

After this, you need to test the created flow by calling the designated number to ensure everything is functioning correctly. If something does not work as planned, there is no need to worry. You can return to the builder at any time to edit the order of menu modules, change the voice files, or adjust their sequence in the call script.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about it! The IVR builder even resembles a game that a responsible employee with minimal technical knowledge can manage. Since your menu may consist of many action choices and parameters, the builder will alert you if a step is incorrectly added to the overall scenario.

Advantages of Global Bilgi’s builder software

Intuitive interface

The visual IVR design tool from Global Bilgi has a user-friendly, intuitive interface that allows for easy creation and modification of multi-level menus. This ensures flexibility and speed in configuring the system to meet specific business and customer needs.

Cost savings

Since the visual IVR builder does not require programming knowledge, your business can save on specialist services for developing interactive voice response menus. This reduces costs and increases the efficiency of contact center management.

Custom voice files

The IVR menu builder software from Global Bilgi allows for easy addition of custom voice files. This lets you make adjustments to the IVR menu according to changes in customer service strategy or market conditions.

Improved customer experience

With the IVR design tool best practices, you will always be ahead of competitors. Convenient and quick self-service via IVR increases customer satisfaction by reducing wait times and providing quick resolution to their inquiries. This improves the customer experience and leads to increased loyalty.


The visual IVR builder is a powerful tool for businesses, enabling the creation of efficient, flexible, and cost-effective IVR menus. Global Bilgi offers a comprehensive IVR solution as part of the Sirius cloud contact center platform. Order a demo of this integrated contact center software now and elevate your customer service to a new level!

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