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Mystery Calling: The Secret Call that Boosts Call Center Efficiency

mystery call

Imagine you’re calling an internet service provider to get connected to the internet. Initially, you waited a long time for a response. Then, you were transferred to another agent who couldn’t confirm if your address was serviceable. Finally, you were promised a callback and weren’t even informed about any ongoing promotions. Such a service is unlikely to encourage customers to choose the company. Customers lost due to poor service, are a testament to the need for evaluating call center agents, as they are responsible for adhering to telephone sales standards and providing quality consultation. The Mystery Calling service allows for this professional evaluation.

What is Mystery Calling?

Mystery Calling is a variation of the Mystery Shopper research technique. Unlike the mystery shopper, who assesses in-store service, Mystery Calling focuses on monitoring the quality of customer service over the phone. Let us explain, how the mystery calling works.

Mystery Calling typically refers to telephone surveys, where a qualified specialist, posing as an ordinary customer, calls a company’s call center to receive consultation or place an order following a predefined script. This evaluation measures the response time, the professionalism of the agent, and the overall service quality. Mystery Calling is useful for assessing:

  • Sales managers
  • Consultants in online stores
  • Employees of subscriber or information services
  • Call center employees
  • Post-sale service departments
  • Reception staff providing phone consultation
  • Customer technical support operators and more.

Mystery Calling aims to assess a manager’s ability to follow consultation standards, identify customer needs, suggest optimal products/solutions, provide cross-selling, quickly and qualitatively serve the customer, and handle conflict situations correctly.

Features and Rules of Mystery Calling

Mystery Calling is a specialized field, as not every marketer can confidently communicate with a stranger over the phone. Mystery Calling specialists must manage their voices and emotions. It’s best to entrust Mystery Calling to a professional with developed communication skills.

To make Mystery Calling effective, preparation is required. This includes scripting the questions to be asked to the contact center agent, preparing a summary table for recording answers, and conducting a test call to evaluate the specialist’s readiness for a real mystery call.

During Mystery Calling, you need to communicate with the contact center manager following the script while filling out the table. Importantly, it’s essential to document personal emotions from the interaction. Evaluate if the interaction was pleasant, if the agent was courteous, and if you felt like making a purchase or requesting a service after the consultation.

Using CATI for Mystery Calling?

Mystery Calling primarily focuses on assessing customer service quality. On the other hand, Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) can be used for various types of phone surveys, including marketing research, public opinion surveys, and data collection beyond customer service evaluation. However, this doesn’t mean that these two research tools cannot be used together.

CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) can be a valuable tool for conducting Mystery Calling or evaluating customer service quality. Here’s how you can use CATI for Mystery Calling:

  • Setting up CATI software: Use CATI software to input the questions and responses for the survey, ensuring the software efficiently assists in the research process.
  • Making calls: Mystery Calling specialists will use the CATI system to make calls, assessing the quality of customer service. The software guides them through the survey, records answers, and collects all necessary data.
  • Data analysis: After completing the Mystery Calling assessment, you can use the CATI system to organize and analyze the data. CATI software typically provides data analysis and reporting tools.
  • Creating reports: CATI software can assist in generating comprehensive reports based on the results of the Mystery Calling, making it easier to identify areas that require improvement and strengths in customer service.

In summary, CATI software can optimize the Mystery Calling process, providing a structured approach to conducting evaluations, data collection, and generating insights to enhance customer service quality.

Why Choose Global Bilgi for Mystery Calling Research?

As mentioned, Mystery Calling research has specific features and rules. Effective Mystery Calling requires a professional approach. At Global Bilgi, we have 15 years of experience in call center outsourcing and use advanced technology to ensure the highest quality of research, high reach rates, and professionalism. Our team consists of experts in the field. We can conduct Mystery Calling assessments in our call center in multiple languages (all EU languages and English). We have the expertise and guarantee that by ordering research from our company, you will receive:

  • An audio recording of the mystery call to confirm research results.
  • A questionnaire recording the quality of standards compliance and the specialist’s subjective evaluation in Mystery Calling.
  • An analytical report that presents and visualizes data on the results of the conducted assessments.

The results of our Mystery Calling research help identify the strengths and weaknesses of the service, increase sales, develop employee motivation programs, consider the service coefficient, and determine which “gaps” need to be filled in staff training, thereby controlling service quality.

If you need Mystery Calling research, the Global Bilgi call center will carry it out professionally and qualitatively. Contact our consultants and order the service.

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