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How to increase conversion rate in outbound call center?

Conversion Rate

Converting leads into customers is the primary task in the operation of an outbound call center. Therefore, the Conversion Rate, or simply the conversion rate, is perhaps the most important indicator of the effectiveness of an outbound call center, as it directly affects profitability. Let’s understand what the Conversion Rate is, how to calculate it, what factors influence the Conversion Rate of the outbound line, and most importantly, how to increase the conversion rate of calls in an outbound call center.

What is call conversion in general?

Call conversion is the ratio of the number of customers who have taken the necessary action to the number of subscribers with whom the call center operator interacts to sell goods or services over a certain period of time. Thus, call conversion in a call center can be calculated for a day, week, month, or for the entire project duration. Call conversion is calculated based on specific tasks (goals). It is not necessarily the sale of goods or services itself. Call conversion can also include other target actions, such as:

  • Attending an event;
  • Verbal confirmation of agreement to meet;
  • Obtaining contact information for a decision-maker;
  • Providing answers to marketing surveys;
  • Informing about an event, promotion, price increase, etc.;
  • Website registration;
  • Subscription to an email newsletter;
  • Transition to a sales webpage;
  • Obtaining contact details of potential clients.

Regardless of the purpose of the call in an outbound call center, conversion is the transformation of a person from a passive state to an active buyer or an informed and interested potential client.

What is the Conversion Rate in an outbound call center?

The Conversion Rate in an outbound call center is the percentage ratio between the number of successful goals achieved by agents during outbound calls and the total number of calls made. This metric measures the effectiveness of agents in convincing clients or consumers to purchase products or services, and it also reflects the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, sales strategies, and communication methods.

Conversion Rate: calculation formula

Conversion Rate: Calculation Formula

How to calculate the conversion rate in an outbound call center? To calculate the Conversion Rate in an outbound call center, you need to determine the number of successful conversions (goals) achieved by agents during outbound calls and the total number of outbound calls made over a certain period of time.

The formula for calculating the Conversion Rate (CR) in an outbound call center is as follows:

CR = (Number of successful conversions / Total number of outbound calls) ×100%

For example, if your agents made 500 outbound calls and achieved successful conversions in 50 cases, then the calculation of the conversion rate would be:

CR = (50 / 500) ×100% = 10%

Thus, the Conversion Rate in this case is 10%.

What Influences the Conversion Rate of an outbound call center?

In an outbound call center, the conversion rate directly depends on many factors, among which the following have the greatest impact:

Quality of the customer base

The quality of the contact base can significantly affect the conversion of outbound calls. If the contact base is well selected and contains potential customers, the likelihood of successful conversions will be higher.

Targeting and personalization

Effective targeting and personalization increase the conversion rate of outbound calls. Agents who can identify customer needs and offer solutions that meet those needs are more likely to achieve their goals.

Agent skills

Sales conversion depends on an agent’s ability to effectively communicate with potential customers, identify their needs, and skillfully present products or services. Enhanced negotiation, sales, persuasion, and deal-closing skills also significantly impact the conversion rate, especially in outbound call centers.

Availability of updated call center software

Utilizing modern call center software, like power dialers, can greatly enhance call efficiency. Power dialers automate the dialing process by pulling contacts from the outbound database, reducing the time agents spend dialing numbers and waiting for responses. This leads to an increase in the number of calls made per hour, consequently boosting call center productivity and, ultimately, the conversion rate.

Call timing

The time at which outbound calls are made in the call center can also affect the conversion rate. Some hours of the day or days of the week may be more favorable for successful conversions.

Product or service characteristics

The characteristics of the product or service offered can also affect the conversion rate. If the product or service meets the needs and expectations of customers, the likelihood of successful conversion increases.

Level of competition

Selling a unique product or service is much easier than working in a highly competitive field. The higher the competition, the less effective the calls will be, and therefore, the lower the sales conversion rate.

Unique Selling Proposition

If an operator offers significant discounts on the first purchase or other benefits that are advantageous to the individual, this will significantly affect the conversion of calls. The main task is to identify such an offer and present it correctly, which is one of the main tasks in developing a conversation script.

“Cold” or “warm” calls

In a cold call, the call center agent and the called subscriber know nothing about each other. Naturally, the conversion rate will be low by definition. Conversely, warm or hot calls, which are the result of previous work in attracting potential customers, typically have a higher conversion rate.

How to improve Conversion Rate in a call center?

Without high conversion rates, your company may lose potential customers and the additional revenue they bring. Fortunately, there are several effective ways to increase productivity and create an outbound call center with high conversion rates.

Recruit employees with sales skills

It’s a common understanding that successful salespeople are developed, not born. Although many contemporary call centers emphasize a “multiskill” approach, the HR department’s goal is to identify confident, proactive, and stress-resistant individuals with strong communication skills for the outbound call center. Evaluating candidates based on specific traits is crucial for achieving high sales conversion rates.

Additionally, if you require rapid recruitment, hiring, and training of numerous agents for your call center, Global Bilgi outsourcing call center offers comprehensive recruiting, training, and outstaffing services.

Focus on resolving customer issues

No, this doesn’t go against the previous advice, as sales-oriented individuals generally grasp the significance of listening. Every agent in the outbound call center should understand that they’re not merely pitching a product or service but, primarily, addressing the customer’s problem by pinpointing their specific pain points.

Make sure your team listens attentively as the customer explains their problem. Instead of focusing solely on selling, encourage them to listen and steer the potential customer toward the appropriate solution. This approach not only enhances primary sales but also encourages upselling, leading to a higher call center conversion rate.

Use modern technological solutions for call centers

Modern technologies such as automated customer relationship management (CRM) systems, visual IVR, auto-dialer programs, and call recording and analysis systems enhance the productivity and efficiency of call centers worldwide. For example, a call center CRM system, integrated into the Sirius cloud platform, will help organize an efficient multichannel contact center with VoIP calls, web chat, messengers, and integration with social media. It will also facilitate outbound calls using power dialer software, create complex IVR trees, and provide detailed real-time analytics on a single-page web interface. To remain competitive in this business, investing in call center software is an absolute must.

Prepare a script

No matter how skilled your agents are as super salespeople, it’s important to remember that the best improvisation is prepared improvisation. A script clearly structures the conversation, providing consistency and logical flow in the presentation. This helps operators stay focused and not miss important points. The confidence of an operator following a script is conveyed to the client, making them more inclined to make a purchase.

An effective call script is a key tool for increasing the conversion rate in outbound call centers. It serves as a guide for operators, helping them present the product or service clearly and concisely, as well as confidently engage in dialogue with potential customers.

Use “virtual numbers”

As we’ve already mentioned in our material about virtual numbers, subscribers are more likely to answer a call if they see a local telephone operator’s number. And if this advice seems obvious to you, remember how suspiciously you look at your phone screen when you see an unfamiliar or, worse, “toll-free” number.

The capabilities of IP telephony allow for the use of any regional virtual numbers. Believe me, it’s not that expensive, and compared to how much it increases call conversion rates, it’s actually a necessity for an outbound call center!

Record and analyze calls

Recording calls in an outbound call center is a powerful tool for analysis and further improvement of agents’ work. Phone call recordings allow you to check whether agents adhere to the company’s established policies and procedures when communicating with customers. Managers can use phone call recordings to analyze scripts, develop training programs, and improve other work processes. The practice of using call recording software shows an increase in the conversion rate by up to 50%.

AQoS is a program for aggregating recordings from all contact center channels (audio call recordings, screen video recordings, online chat transcriptions) and assessing customer service quality. AQoS software is part of the Sirius call center cloud platform, which means that you don’t need to implement any additional tools to organize quality control for the call center. If you use modern IP telephony for the call center, the task of call recording is easily solved with the standard and optional features of the cloud PBX and AQoS software.

Motivate agents

Agents in outbound call centers often face a high volume of rejections. Subscribers may hang up or refuse to talk for various reasons, such as disinterest, inability to speak at the moment, lack of need for the offered product or service, or negative past experiences with similar calls. While this is part of the job, hearing “I’m not interested” repeatedly can quickly lead to burnout. Motivating outbound call center agents to prevent burnout is an important task to ensure their productivity and effectiveness.

Motivating and incentivizing agents can be done in several ways, such as:

  • Providing comfortable working conditions;
  • Offering psychological support;
  • Designing engaging and diverse tasks;
  • Recognizing achievements;
  • Modern call center WFM solutions;
  • Compensation and incentive systems;
  • Professional development.

Positive motivation and support for outbound call center agents can significantly improve their productivity and impact the conversion rate by increasing work efficiency, improving service quality, and reducing employee turnover.

Conversion Rate: conclusion

So, we’ve covered what a conversion rate is, how important this metric is for outbound call centers, and learned the formula for its calculation. We’re confident that the strategies outlined in the material will not only increase your revenue but also enhance team trust, ensuring that you earn the trust and loyalty of your customers, which will ultimately lead to increased conversion rates in your call center.

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